... the Health Coach

Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN®) and certified by the International Association of Health Coach (IAHC), Tere specializes in helping professionals or personas that are "on the go" and live a stressful life continuously. Areas like the profession, nutrition, exercises, relationships, spirituality and others are evaluated, in order to design an personalized program to achieve well-being. 

... the Pranic Healer

Tere practices Pranich Healing, a technique that removes energy obstacles from the body with the intention of allowing the body to heal itself. She works with people of any age, including children and senior citizens. In addition, has worked with dogs. Pranic Healing works with physical conditions like cold, muscle spasms, stones and cancer; and with emotional conditions like depression, addiction, anxiety, grief and anger. 

... Brain Gym® consultant and teacher

Certified in Brain Gym®, technique that allows learning to be fun through movement. By learning simple exercises, people can focus better, organize efectively, communicate clearly, achieve goals, and lower stress. In addition, athletes develop better sport skills. It is of great benefit for all with Attention Deficit Disorder.

... the Speaker

Tere is an active member of Toastmasters International and gives presentations of different duration, in topics such as:

  • What is good for us?, a guide about nutrition, medications, exercises, energy, and thoughts.
  • Free Yourself from Stress
  • Beautiful skin, healthy body
  • Hormonal Balance takes you to your ideal weight without stress
  • Getting Cured and Getting Healed
  • When diets do not work
  • Using essential oils as natural remedy
  • Bad things are good, Your evolution towards a harmonious life


... the Author

Can one overcome a death?, a rape? Why do some people have all the luck in the world and others were born to suffer? In Bad Things are Good (soon to be available in English), Tere Beard shares several stories about some aspects of life, relationships, love, health, and finances, and reveals an evolution plan, where "bad" takes another meaning.

... the Techniques used 

As part of her coaching, Tere integrates rewiring, kinesiology, essential oils, crystals and quartzs, nutrition, pranic healing, meditation, journaling, feng shui, visualization, in order to assist the individual or group in achieving the established goals.