San Francisco, CA |

I received Pranic Healing to decrease a muscular-skeletal pain I had in my neck and shoulder.  It was the first time receiving it for this purpose, usually I get PH for emotional purpose.  The pain was too strong and not much was helping.  The pain was waking me up in early hours and regardless of the position I put my neck (laying down or sitting) the pain was so strong, tears were coming down my eyes.  Being in California, I called Tere in Puerto Rico to see if she could help me.  She immediately said yes.  She started giving me PH and in a matter of minutes I felt so much better.  The pain was still there, but the horrible pain was no longer there.  Next day I had a massage and received another PH session.  There was already a great improvement.  I then went to my Chiropractor and received another PH session, and a few days later there was no pain whatsoever.

I would request this service again for sure.  What a better way to be in harmony?  The fact that Pranic Healing can help move the energy that is stuck in my body, seems very important.  I would recommend it to everyone.