Health Coach

  • Free evaluation of your lifestyle and desired goals
  • One, Three or Six month program, Individual or Group - offered to help the client adopt a healthy lifestyle, offering services that promote:
    • ideal weight, proper hormonal function
    • reduced stress
    • improved relationships, profession, spirituality
    • mental clarity and improved memory

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Pranic Healing

Removes energy blockages to:

  • Improve or heal physical conditions like headaches, cold, strep throat, muscle spams, fractured bones
  • Improve or heal emotional conditions like depression, stress, addiction, fear, anxiety, grief
  • Reduce facial expression lines and wrinkles
  • Body Sculpting,
    • reducing cellulitis and fat
    • breast augmentation or reduction

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The Program: Rewiring Your Brain

Is a program that assists everyone incorporating changes in order to achieve new goals:

  • improving communication between baby boomers and millennials.
  • in sales, so each of the sales process steps flow for each person, thus increasing performance.
  • in sports, in order to improve motor skills and overcome emotional obstacles when competing.

The Program has 3 sections:

  1. Individual reading of 32 possible profiles of the Dominance Factor for each participant. Each person will find out how they react when under stress and which exercises to do to obtain harmony.
  2. 16 hour workshop where the 26 basic Brain Gym® exercises are taught, to help people to focus better; read, listen, write, and talk better; organize, plan, and recall; and/or have a better attitude. Each person will establish a goal during the workshop, which will be measured during and after the workshop.
  3. One follow up session one month after the workshop, to review learned concepts and answer questions, and measure each individual's goal, established during the workshop.

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Dominance Factor Profile

Every person has a dominant ear, eye, hand, leg and brain hemisphere. The combination of these tell us which of the 32 possible profiles is your Dominance Factor, and how you react when stressed.  Once we identify your profile, I will recommend a series of exercises to help you achieve balance and learn better.


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Lectures and workshops of varying duration for schools and organizations

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