What is good for us?

A guide about nutrition, medications, exercises, energy and thoughts, since what works for one person does not necessarily work for another person. The objective is to guide the audience on how to make small changes in different areas of our lives in order to feel healthier and happier.

AUDIENCE: Modified for different groups, either students, parents or professionals.

BENEFITS: Encourage to change lifestyles in order to improve relations, profession, exercises, nutrition, and others.

Be Original, Free Youself from Stress

The different stress types and causes are explained, as well as methods to reduced it. Depending on the time allowed, this lecture may cover the nutrition aspects that impact stress, how the human body works, the hormone system, and the different exercises that help the body to eliminate stress.

AUDIENCE: Modified for different groups, teenagers, students, parents or professionals.

BENEFITS: Learn techniques and exercises that lower stress and allow to have a healthier body.

Beautiful skin, healthy body

A 30 to 45 minutes lecture explaining how the skin indicates the state of our health. In addition, it covers how to detox the different parts of our body to achieve a healthy skin.

AUDIENCE: Women and men who want to learn how to interpret their health through their skin.  

BENEFITS: Learn eating and essential oils methods that clean the body.

Hormonal Balance takes you to your ideal weight without stress

Describes the interaction of the endocrine system and how it is affected by stress. This lecture covers topics like chemicals, foods, and thoughts that can cause a domino effect affecting different systems within our body.

AUDIENCE: Young and adults that continuously struggle to maintain their weight.  

BENEFITS: Learn foods and exercises that impact the hormonal system and thus the ideal weight.

Getting Cured and Getting Healed

Motivational lecture/ workshop that talks about the difference between getting our body cured and getting our spirit healed. We talk about techniques to cure and heal. In addition, different introspection exercises are done, allowing healing through forgiveness.

AUDIENCE: People that want to feel better.  

BENEFITS: Learn the benefits of forgiving others and yourself.

Rewiring Your Brain

Workshop that includes easy physical exercises that help rewiring the brain to lower stress, have mental clarity, improve concentration and increase physical skills. This technique may include time to evaluate the participants to identify the dominant areas that determine how each one reacts when stressed. This helps to understand and learn the exercises that will allow the balancing of the brain's hemispheres.

AUDIENCE: Students, athletes, parents, professionals. Any person who has autism or ADHD.

BENEFITS: Learn techniques and exercises that lower stress, give mental clarity and improve concentation.

Using essential oils as natural remedy

Alternatives exist to get well naturally. Essential oils have been used by civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, Incas, Mayans and others. In this lecture different ways to use essential oils are explained and recipes are shared.

AUDIENCE: Any person who wishes to lower the amount of pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals intake.  

BENEFITS: Learn about essential oils benefits and health and home cleaning applications.

Bad things are good, Your evolution towards a harmonious life

A motivational lecture where we discover that happiness is within each person to decide. Similar cases with opposite results, a series of introspection opportunities and tools that can assist you in obtaining a harmonious life are presented.

AUDIENCE: Modified for different groups, young, students, parents or professionals.  

BENEFITS: Learn about different techniques that help incorporate into your life the attitude that takes you into happiness and success.

Speaking Engagement or Workshop

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