Learn how to buy yogurt

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If you believe what the label says on the front of a product, and what ads and commercials in the media say, sit down before you continue reading. What really matters is the information written on the label on the back of the product. Those who work in marketing and branding do wonders to make a product look like it is healthy and even have famous artists telling you how this product will change your life once you buy it.  

Do not pay attention! Go directly to the label on the back. If you want yogurt because it is a fermented product or because it helps you go to the bathroom, then read the back label. Pay attention to the example in the picture, the first brand has sugar as its second ingredient, followed by water and then food starch. Do not touch it, leave it and do not listen to whomever told you this product is good for your health.  It is not! The only thing it has are addictive ingredients, that cause inflammation and promote infections. 

Now look at the ingredients in Fage brand, milk and probiotics. That is it. Get used to looking at the nutritional label and read the ingredients. If you find within the first five ingredients, sugar, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, partially hydrogenated oil, natural flavors, do not buy it. Opt for natural foods that are not processed. You will be better off. Do you want to learn more about how to choose products in the supermarket? Let me know, we can go together and you will see how much you will learn. Small changes at a time, make a huge difference.