When you don’t have time for yourself, that is when you need it the most.

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We have so many responsibilities, the kids, work, the house, school, getting ready for tomorrow's and this week's activities, that we forget or simply do not have time to take care of ourselves.

Imagine you have a car and one of its spark plugs is dirty. Your car is going to fail. And if you do not do anything, that faultiness is going to affect other parts of the engine, until the car stops running. Your car is designed to use all of its parts, either 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, it needs them all. All of the sudden, when you are the busiest, your car stops. Now, either you want it or not, you have to make time to fix it. Because you waited, it is going to cost you a lot more than a simple tune up, which is what it needed to begin with.

Take time  to take care of yourself. You are the most important. Make an appointment for a massage, consider it to be a preventive appointment. Buy healthy foods, that help your body function optimally. Meditate and/or exercise, they help tell your body all is well. Laugh, find friends and situations that make you laugh. Be thankful for what you have. According to Shelley Carson, PhD, when there is gratitude there is no space for bitterness. And if there is no bitterness, you have well-being.

Remember... when you don't have time for yourself, that is when you need it the most.

What do you like to do to feel better? Me, I like to go to the beach.