Are your addictions legal?

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When we hear the word addiction, we tend to think of illegal drugs. What about legal addictions? Those are worse, because being legal, they are accepted. If you think about it, they’re worse, much worse. The worst addiction of all, on a physical level, is the addiction to sugar. As I say on page 152 of my book, … Read More

What came first, chicken or the egg?

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We also ask ourselves, what came first, the condition or the hormonal imbalance?  Do you have any of the following symptoms: depression, anxiety, food sensitivity, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, brain fog, weight gain, low libido, low immune system? A hormonal imbalance can cause a health condition like high blood pressure. In the same way, a health condition, like … Read More

Do I need to detox?

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Do you have only coffee for breakfast? Are you constipated? Is your body gaining more fat? Do you have cellulitis? Do you have less energy than usual? Do you have hormonal inbalance? Do you get angry easily? If you answer yes to these questions or if you have high cholesterol, I suggest you start detoxing your liver now. … Read More

If you go to the bathroom, do you still need it?

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Recently, I realized there are people that think that a probiotic is needed only by those who do not go to the bathroom on a regular basis. Have you ever taken antibiotics? Do you have allergies? Do you have stress or anxiety? Do you have respiratory problems? Do you suffer from inflammation? Do you get gases? If you … Read More

Are you taking a shower with poison?

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Many products, including soaps, hand lotions, and even clothes, have triclosan, a chemical used to kill bacteria. When you see an antibacterial soap, it usually contains triclosan. The ironic point is that while you clean yourself with your soap, which contains triclosan, it interferes with your hormonal and reproductive systems and even the environment.Triclosan will be prohibited since … Read More

The 7 foods to lose weight after 40

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When hormone imbalance and stress increases, it is common to see people over 40 to gain weight, accumulating fat around the waist. As a Health Coach I recommend you make small changes at a time. Exercise to strengthen your muscles since they help you burn calories. Attempt eliminating sugar, including artificial sweeteners. Lastly, add these 7 foods in … Read More

Antibiotics that harm you?

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  Taking too many antibiotics could be the reason why you are gaining weight, feel depressed, have arthritis, allergies or even can’t sleep at night. You might need an antibiotic for some disease, but not for chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions). Every time you take an antibiotic, the good bacteria that lives in your gut dies. … Read More