Do I need to detox?

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Do you have only coffee for breakfast?

Are you constipated?

Is your body gaining more fat?

Do you have cellulitis?

Do you have less energy than usual?

Do you have hormonal inbalance?

Do you get angry easily?

If you answer yes to these questions or if you have high cholesterol, I suggest you start detoxing your liver now.

What it interferes with the proper functioning of the liver?  Refined sugars, trans fats, alcohol, caffeine, synthetic substances as drugs, makeup and pesticides; and infections and viruses.

Try to incorporate any of these suggestions for 3 weeks. Drink dandelion tea every day; apply 100% pure grapefruit essential oil mixed with almond or coconut oil over your liver after taking a shower; start your day drinking warm water with lemon juice half hour before breakfast; use natural remedies instead of traditional medications; avoid taking antibiotics at the first cold symptom; opt for methods that allow energy to flow through your body, like chiropractor's adjustment, an acupuncture or a pranic healing; strengthen your immune system to help you avoid viruses; and reduce pesticides from your life by eating organic and non-GMO foods, and using non-toxic make-up.

I can advise you on how to detox your liver and choose products free of synthetic substances, so you can have a healthier body and feel better.