The 7 foods to lose weight after 40

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When hormone imbalance and stress increases, it is common to see people over 40 to gain weight, accumulating fat around the waist. As a Health Coach I recommend you make small changes at a time. Exercise to strengthen your muscles since they help you burn calories. Attempt eliminating sugar, including artificial sweeteners. Lastly, add these 7 foods in your diet.

  1. Ground flax seeds give you energy and help stabilize blood sugar
  2. Nuts, which help reduce fat storage
  3. Spicy (hot) sauces without any added sugar, which reduce insulin levels
  4. Cinnamon, which helps control sugar and lowers cholesterol
  5. Wild caught salmon, which is a good omega 3 source for inflammation, calcium and vitamin D
  6. foods high in fiber
  7. Water or lemon water, replacing sodas and juices (with or without sugar)