Are you taking a shower with poison?

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Many products, including soaps, hand lotions, and even clothes, have triclosan, a chemical used to kill bacteria. When you see an antibacterial soap, it usually contains triclosan. The ironic point is that while you clean yourself with your soap, which contains triclosan, it interferes with your hormonal and reproductive systems and even the environment.

Triclosan will be prohibited since it is not good for your health, it is not effective. Yet, it is found in hundreds of products. According to Biomonitoring California, it is even used in toothpaste to kill gingivitis. I suggest you use cloves, a natural spice, and achieve the same without hurting yourself.

Years ago, I replaced all soaps and hand sanitizer with toxic chemicals free products. The products I used are good for my health. For that I am stress free. What about you?

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