If you go to the bathroom, do you still need it?

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Recently, I realized there are people that think that a probiotic is needed only by those who do not go to the bathroom on a regular basis.
Have you ever taken antibiotics?
Do you have allergies?
Do you have stress or anxiety?
Do you have respiratory problems?
Do you suffer from inflammation?
Do you get gases?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a good probiotic can help you. If you choose one with the right combination of bacteria, you can assist your health conditions.  A good probiotic can help you absorb all the necessary nutrients, allowing all the body systems, including your immune system and emotional state, to function properly.

Not all probiotics are the same. Look for one that has different bacteria (much more than 4 different bacteria) and a great number (more than 10 billion)  of bacteria. Each bacteria works with a different system in the body, that is why you need to take different bacteria. In addition, it is important that its capsule be protected against the stomach acids, in order to allow it to arrive to its destination, the small intestine. It is there where the probiotic will start working.

Even if you eat fermented foods, I still recommend you take a probiotic, to ensure you introduce the variety of bacteria your body needs. Make sure the fermented foods you consume are natural and look out for the added sugar. For example, not all yogurts are good for you and the commercially available sauerkraut does not provide the benefits of a fermented food.  

Try it. Take a probiotic at night. You will feel better. You will see.