Smoking while I clean?

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We all know that smoking cigarettes is harmful. If your health is important, why do you keep cleaning with detergents that equate to smoking cigarettes?

You'll be surprised to learn that many of the ingredients in cleaners are chemicals that are harmful to our health. It's ironic, isn't it? According to this study conducted by the European Community (composed of 28 researchers from 9 nations) and based on 20 years of research,  found that cleaning once a week with traditional detergents damages the respiratory system equivalent to smoking a daily pack for 20 years.

Other very interesting findings:

  • Women's lungs are affected much more than those of men
  • Casual cleaning causes the same damage as cleaning
  • Liquid cleaners are as harmful as spray cleaners
  • Ammonia, chlorine and disinfectants are the ones that do the most damage
  • The damage is cumulative over time

What can you do about it? Easy, look for cleaners that are 100% biodegradable. Eliminate traditional brands. They are not worth it, it's your health and your family's. Not only do they hurt the respiratory system, many of the detergents affect the hormonal system. Don't tell me you need to disinfect with chlorine. Do you know that you can use the tea tree essential oil to disinfect? The product I use to disinfect is free of toxic chemicals and is EPA approved.

And for the damage that's already done? I recommend Pranic Healing, which helps to heal the body, and the use of essential oils, such as lavender (some brands only) that helps lowering inflammation in the lungs. Finally, it is important to strengthen your digestive system, because your lungs can be damaged through your stomach. This is a topic I will talk about in the future. Meanwhile, quit smoking, clean with 100% biodegradable detergents and recover your health.

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