It is not easy

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For many, life is not easy, it's complicated. Sometimes resorting to some kind of addiction. Others live on the edge of despair. Sometimes we blame those who wounded us and forced us to addiction, sometimes we blame ourselves for not knowing how to get out of the hole. Consider these tools that can help.

  • Forgiveness is paramount. It is very important not only to forgive others because they blame you or did not treat you well and so you resorted to some kind of addiction, but forgiving yourself. The important thing is to forgive yourself. There's always room to start. A technique used in Hawaii that works is Ho'oponopono, where you say, "I'm sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you."
  • Find a support network. Note that everything we do alone is more difficult than when we do it in a group. Cleaning the house, studying for a difficult exam, practicing a sport, dieting, even partying. It's a lot easier in a group. Find a support group. Not only for the one who is rehabilitating, also for those supporting.
  • Other tools that help rehabilitating are:
    • Acupuncture
    • Meditation/ Praying
    • Retreat
    • Art (drawing, ceramics, some type of expression)
    • Movement (dancing, music)
    • Chiropractic

The decision is yours, start today having a harmonious life. Think  that you can, look for support and be happy.  You deserve it.