Rewiring Your Brain

Does it ever happens  that you cannot concentrate, and regardless of how many times you read the same sentence over and over again, you cannot remember what you read? Do you have the best answer the day after an argument? Have you heard an excellent talk and the next day you do not remember the most interesting details? You can rewire your brain with simple exercises that help you balance your brain so you can focus, communicate and organize better, while lowering your stress. As a result, you can achieve a better attitude and your goal.

In addition to the simple exercises, I recommend learning the breathing technique 4-7-8, which tells the body that "everything is fine". When you breathe slowly and deeply, using your diaphragm, you are telling the body, if in the morning, that all is well, that it is time to have a good day, or when if it is nighttime, that it is time to have a good sleep. Breathing 4-7-8 helps you avoid insomnia, which helps restore a good sleep schedule, an important time to replenish.
Allowing good nutrition as part of your lifestyle, without sugars and processed products helps reduce infections and even reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer's. Do you want to avoid this sad illness? Eat better.

Finally, do Brain Gym® exercises, they are very easy to do and they help you to concentrate so that you do not have to read the same sentence more than once, to talk and find an answer rather than argue and fight, to focus on what is important and much more. I can teach you some exercises in a few minutes that can improve your day. Are you ready? Watch this video so you can learn PACE, a simple exercise that helps you concentrate, lower stress, achieve balance and achieve goals. Try it for 21 days and you will see results.