You can avoid chronic diseases!

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Diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, and obesity are classified as chronic diseases. Each day there are more adults and children are suffering from chronic diseases. Half of all adults in the US, that is 117 million people and 1 out of 4 children, suffer from one or more of these diseases. Do you know you can avoid them? By eating healthy, replacing sugar and processed foods with fresh and organic foods, and by drinking water instead of sodas and juices will help you immensely. You do not know how to do it? Is it hard to avoid that delicious dessert after lunch? Start with a small change at a time, until you do not need that soda or dessert. Watch the documentary “In Search of Balance” and buy foods from your local CSA (“Community Supported Agriculture”).  Which habit do you think you can improve? Why haven’t you been able to do something about it?