Avoiding It is Better than Fighting It

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Why wait to be sick to then react and fight a virus? After studying for years about nutrition and analyzing numerous studies on vaccines, I came to the conclusion that the best way to fight viruses, such as influenza, is to improve my immune system. If you have a strong and healthy immune system, there is no reason for a virus to attack and win. How do you achieve a healthy immune system?

Grab a cotton swab and put one drop of clove essential oil, 100% pure. Rub it all over your gums on a daily basis and I assure you that when you go places where there are many people, such as an office, a plane or an elevator, you will be protected. If you do not have this 100% pure essential oil, you can suck a clove for 15 minutes and you will obtain the same effect.

If you like essential oils, I suggest using a mixture of equal parts of  frankincense and myrrh with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. I like to pour about 20 drops of each oil with an ounce of coconut oil in a roll on bottle so that it makes it easier to apply every day. You rub a little, in the soles of your feet, either after bathing or before going to sleep. This mixture helps to strengthen the immune system.

Improving your nutrition is definitely going to help you achieve this goal. Stop taking sugar, including artificial sweeteners. Leave processed foods behind and you will see amazing results. Sugar and processed foods increase infections and inflammation in the body.

In addition, I suggest exercising several times a day, as well as sleeping a minimum of 7 hours per day and meditating at least 2 minutes a day. You can exercise in your office, stretch, take a walk. Follow a ritual and leave the electronic devices at night so you can concentrate on sleeping better. Start or end your day with several minutes of introspection and meditation. Open your mind and heart to receive, and you will see pleasant surprises coming into your life.

All of these life styles strengthen our immune system.  What is the point of exposing yourself to a virus or to the side effects of a vaccine, when you can avoid them all? Avoid the virus, don't fight it. Contact me and I can advise you.