CERO estrés 045 – cuidado si tomas acetaminofen

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(Español) Pensamos que porque los medicamentos que no requieren receta del doctor, esos que están clasificados “over the counter”, no son peligrosos, los tomamos libremente, al menor síntoma de cualquier molestia o dolor. Sin embargo, los medicamentos que bajan la inflamación como el Ibuprofen y la acetaminofen, causan daño al hígado, los riñones, el intestino, el cerebro y el corazón.  En este episodio comparto diferentes estudios donde vemos y entendemos porque es tan peligroso para los niños y adultos tomar estos medicamentos y como el impacto ha ido creciendo. Si conoces a alguna mujer encinta o personas con problemas del corazón, déjale saber sobre este episodio.… Read More

Detox your armpits?

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There are several toxic chemicals that find some way into our bodies. Some are in the air and in the environment, others are in the detergents, makeup and even in the antiperspirants used. One way you can help your body is by detoxing it. Physically you may detox your gut, the liver, the kidneys, the skin and the … Read More

Depression, no longer a disease

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Every day is a celebration day, where we have the opportunity to start, continue, grow, share, learn, laugh, love. However, it is difficult for many to continue, to pretend they are celebrating, when they suffer from depression. They have been taking prescription drugs for some time and as time goes by, they do not feel the necessary and … Read More

Do you clean with toxics?

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Would you fill your car or house with lots of people smoking cigarettes? Of course NOT.  You already know smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Then, why would you clean your house with detergents associated with cancer, respiratory problems, allergies, reproductive problems and other health conditions? If your health is being affected, your detergents, personal grooming products, and/or cosmetics could … Read More

I can’t breath!

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I can’t breathe!  It was 11:00 at night, I was alone, about to go to bed. Suddenly, I couldn’t get air into my lungs, I was choking. I had an asthma attack, something that had not happened to me for years.  I didn’t have a single medication in my house and I didn’t know who to call for … Read More

Chronic Disease – Interview with Tere Beard (Spanish)

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In this radio interview with Javier Ruiz in his show, Spiritual Level and Balance, we talk about chronic diseases, which are they and most important, how to avoid them.Hope you enjoy!   Enfermedades crónicas Invitada: Tere Beard Posted by Javier Ruiz on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tere Beard – Radio Interview

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Puedes ver la entrevista de radio con Javier Ruiz en el programa Nivel y Balance Espiritual. Es un honor compartir con Javier y con ustedes.¡Espero les guste! Bienestar integrado, con Tere BeardPosted by Javier Ruiz on Wednesday, March 8, 2017