CERO estrés 003 – El poder del NO

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(Español) En este episodio comparto contigo lo importante que es aprender a decir NO y encontrar el tiempo para divertirte, los aceites esenciales que te ayudan a bajar estrés y los nutrientes que necesitas para fortalecer tu cuerpos para bajar el estrés.

Si te parece que tienes mucho trabajo y poca diversión en tu vida, este episodio es para ti. Disfrútalo, CERO estrés.… Read More

What is the answer?

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In a study done in Japan, found that concentration and precision increase when jasmine essential oil is applied in a diffuser at the office, reducing errors by a 33%.If you want options, there are several essential oils that allow concentration to improve, like lemon and lavender essential oils. These help you become more aware, reducing errors by a … Read More

I can’t breath!

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I can’t breathe!  It was 11:00 at night, I was alone, about to go to bed. Suddenly, I couldn’t get air into my lungs, I was choking. I had an asthma attack, something that had not happened to me for years.  I didn’t have a single medication in my house and I didn’t know who to call for … Read More