I can’t breath!

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I can't breathe!  It was 11:00 at night, I was alone, about to go to bed. Suddenly, I couldn't get air into my lungs, I was choking. I had an asthma attack, something that had not happened to me for years.  I didn't have a single medication in my house and I didn't know who to call for help, it was 11:00 p.m.

I decided to search, as quickly as possible, in one of my essential oil books, to see if I could find a way to heal.  I discovered that lavender oil is the only one that can make you react in the midst of an asthma attack. I immediately put a few drops in my diffuser and in just three minutes, I was breathing again.

I then learned that not all lavender oils have the same molecular structure, as there are two types of lavender flowers. I had the bliss of having a 100% pure oil, with a molecular structure that in addition of calming and being anti-inflammatory, serves to soothe an asthma attack. 

I slept all night without coughing once, breathing quietly and without feeling a single side effect, such as those that would have caused steroid medications. 

I use essential oils to remedy and avoid illnesses or health conditions. I love them, because it's a more economic alternative than a medication, they're readily available in my house and they smell wonderfully.

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