Depression, no longer a disease

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Every day is a celebration day, where we have the opportunity to start, continue, grow, share, learn, laugh, love. However, it is difficult for many to continue, to pretend they are celebrating, when they suffer from depression. They have been taking prescription drugs for some time and as time goes by, they do not feel the necessary and desired state of well-being.

Today is your day, as Dr. Kelly Brogan, states in her book, A Mind of Your Own: the Truth About Depression, depression is not a disease but a symptom. When a finger hurts, you explore to find out if the pain is caused by a muscle, a cut, or a broken bone. Pain is the symptom that warns you that something needs attention. Depending on the root cause a different remedy is applied. In the same way, depression is a symptom and not a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Explore to find out what is causing your depression. According to several studies executed at Harvard University along with several Boston hospitals, gut inflammation is directly related to your mental health. This means that by healing your gut, you could reduce your depression to the point of making it disappear. 

According to Dr. Brogan, in the long run these antidepressants will cause more harm than good, affecting other organs in your body. As a result, you will now need to take other types of medication. What do you think if you give yourself the opportunity to be happy and healthy? Start by taking a good quality probioticos, use digestive enzymes, meditate several minutes per day, sleep more than 7 hours, and exercise. Contact me so I can advise you on how to accomplish this.