I Have to Work and Can’t Concentrate

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Days go by and anxiety builds up. Sometimes you feel depressed, and since you don't sleep well, your mental capacity deteriorates. To top it off, if you don't have the necessary nutrients and vitamins, because you have not been eating well, your mental and emotional state continues to deteriorate. Now you have to go to work and cannot seem to be able to concentrate. What can you do?

A quick and easy alternative is to use rosemary essential oil. According to a study conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine, participants were able to complete math problems quickly and accurately by using rosemary essential oil. The findings showed that this oil increases the power to be relaxed and alert, while relieving anxiety.

Now you know, put a couple of drops of this oil in a diffuser or mix it with a couple of drops of sage essential oil, and rub it on your skin. If you prefer, put the mixture in a small towel and rub it on your body when you bathe. Now that you're refreshed, you can take a few minutes and meditate. If you're working, it'll make it easier to see things more positively, and it will help you focus.

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