CERO estrés 010 – Ansiedad o estrés

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En este episodio hablamos de la ansiedad, cual es la diferencia del estrés, las diferentes condiciones de salud que pueden ocasionar ansiedad y vice versa. Te menciono los aceites esenciales que te pueden ayudar, las hierbas naturales y varias recomendaciones para que puedas bajar y trabajar la ansiedad.

Si sientes que tienes mucho más que estrés, puede ser que estés padeciendo de ansiedad. Este episodio es para ti. … Read More

Look for the Root Cause

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You feel depressed, anxious and you can’t sleep well. Then you find out that you also have a thyroid condition and high blood pressure. You go to different specialists and each doctor prescribes a different medicine for each one of these conditions. Because drugs have side effects, you develop new conditions, such as acid reflux and weight gain.Look … Read More

I Have to Work and Can’t Concentrate

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Days go by and anxiety builds up. Sometimes you feel depressed, and since you don’t sleep well, your mental capacity deteriorates. To top it off, if you don’t have the necessary nutrients and vitamins, because you have not been eating well, your mental and emotional state continues to deteriorate. Now you have to go to work and cannot … Read More