Depression, no longer a disease

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Every day is a celebration day, where we have the opportunity to start, continue, grow, share, learn, laugh, love. However, it is difficult for many to continue, to pretend they are celebrating, when they suffer from depression. They have been taking prescription drugs for some time and as time goes by, they do not feel the necessary and … Read More

What is the answer?

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In a study done in Japan, found that concentration and precision increase when jasmine essential oil is applied in a diffuser at the office, reducing errors by a 33%.If you want options, there are several essential oils that allow concentration to improve, like lemon and lavender essential oils. These help you become more aware, reducing errors by a … Read More

Do you clean with toxics?

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Would you fill your car or house with lots of people smoking cigarettes? Of course NOT.  You already know smoking cigarettes causes cancer. Then, why would you clean your house with detergents associated with cancer, respiratory problems, allergies, reproductive problems and other health conditions? If your health is being affected, your detergents, personal grooming products, and/or cosmetics could … Read More

I can’t breath!

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I can’t breathe!  It was 11:00 at night, I was alone, about to go to bed. Suddenly, I couldn’t get air into my lungs, I was choking. I had an asthma attack, something that had not happened to me for years.  I didn’t have a single medication in my house and I didn’t know who to call for … Read More

Help, I want to lose weight!

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Do you need more energy, feel less fatigued, control your appetite, have the endurance when exercising and control your weight? We all want this, don’t we? But not everyone can make it. One of the secrets of losing weight is in keeping the blood sugar level balanced. When there are insulin peaks, blood sugar level goes up and … Read More

I have a confession

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Regardless of what you’re going through, let it be clear, love and accept who you are, proudly, with a big smile.  If you are not satisfied with the way you look, if you’ve gone through unpleasant experiences that you cannot erase from your past, if you have a disease, are unemployed, have a dysfunctional relationship, love yourself, break … Read More

Do I need to detox?

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Do you have only coffee for breakfast? Are you constipated? Is your body gaining more fat? Do you have cellulitis? Do you have less energy than usual? Do you have hormonal inbalance? Do you get angry easily? If you answer yes to these questions or if you have high cholesterol, I suggest you start detoxing your liver now. … Read More

If you go to the bathroom, do you still need it?

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Recently, I realized there are people that think that a probiotic is needed only by those who do not go to the bathroom on a regular basis. Have you ever taken antibiotics? Do you have allergies? Do you have stress or anxiety? Do you have respiratory problems? Do you suffer from inflammation? Do you get gases? If you … Read More

Are you taking a shower with poison?

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Many products, including soaps, hand lotions, and even clothes, have triclosan, a chemical used to kill bacteria. When you see an antibacterial soap, it usually contains triclosan. The ironic point is that while you clean yourself with your soap, which contains triclosan, it interferes with your hormonal and reproductive systems and even the environment.Triclosan will be prohibited since … Read More

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